“Parmesan & Paint!”
Sep 4th – 9th, 2022


Parmesan & Paint!

Emilia-Romagna, Italy 4-9 September 2022

Tutor Karen Pearson BA(hons) Fine Art UAL

Location Casa Bezzia, Localita Pietracervara 102, BARDI 43032, Parma, Italy
Hostess Sylvia Bell

A painting holiday in the beautiful rural Apenine region, Emilia- Romagna in Northern Italy, that will inspire creativity, relax the soul, and immerse us into the charming Italian experience.

Bardi  According to a legend, the town’s name derives from “Bardus”, or “Barrio”, the last elephant of Hannibal’s army, who supposedly died here during the march to Rome. Historically, the name stems from the Lombard nobility who established themselves in Bardi around 600 AD. In 1000 the bishop of Piacenza took up residence here. The imposing Castello di Bardi was built around the XIII Century on a spur of red jasper. It looms perilously over the village and valley below and is a magnificently conserved example of medieval military architecture.

The legend of Moroello and Soleste was a tragic love story between the daughter of the Lord of the Castle and a soldier. The ghost of Moroello haunts the castle to this day.

Art equipment available for us to use and take out: easels, fold-up chairs and boards.
A ‘what to pack’ list with suggested art materials will be provided on booking.
I will be giving you mini demonstrations throughout the week and aim to help you develop your personal artistic skills while you unwind and relax. I tend to demonstrate in watercolour but I am more than happy to demonstrate in other media if guests prefer. Non painters are always welcome and Sylvia will have various activity suggestions if required.
6.30pm we will enjoy our first aperitivo and stuzzichini to slow our pace and prepare us for a traditional Italian dinner in the guest house as the warm sun begins to dip.


Itinerary in brief

Arrival Day
Sunday 4th September.
Karen and her group arrive at P/C Meet and Greet. Fresh Lemonade Or Coffee and Tea.
Settle in, view Studio and surroundings.
Go out for Pizza at 7.pm to La Baracca.

Start date: Monday 5th September
Head off to Caseificio Brugnoli. Tour of Artisan Small holding. Possibility to paint the scenery, the cows/calves en pleine aire or in their Sala Reunione.
Lunch box’s will be brought to you, or you may return to P/C for Lunch Box at The Guest house.
Karen will be available in The Studio from 4-6pm
Aperitivo and Stuzichini served at the Guest house at 6.30 Dinner at 7.00pm

Tuesday 6th September
Head off to Ponte Lecca.
Paint at at the rivers edge, The water The Rocks. (Bring your bathers and towel if you feel like dip.)
Lunch will be taken at Osteria Ponte Lecca.
Karen will be available in the Studio from 4-6pm.
Aperitivo and Stuzichini served at the Guest house at 6.30 Dinner at 7.00

Wednesday 7th September
Head off to Pianeletto.
An abandoned village, where there is an opportunity to paint the amazing view. The ruined houses.
A Gourmet picnic will be brought up to you.
Karen will be available in the studio from 4-6pm.
Aperitivo and Stuzichini at 6.30pm Dinner at 7.00

Thursday 8th September
Head off to Bardi for vibrant colourful Weekly market day.
Opportunities to paint or sketch from The Groppo where you have a view of the Castle and medieval ramparts. Or the market stands. Chance also to shop.
Lunch will be in town at Il Pellicano.
Karen will be available in the studio from 4-6pm There will be A Cooking Demonstration by Cheff Lisa
Where you are invited to participate (no obligation) and we eat the delicious prepared food for dinner.

Friday 9th September
Head off to La Colomba Tolarolo.
Here there is the opportunity to paint a landscape of the Castle from the distance, with surrounding scenery.
Lunch is at the nearby Antica Osteria La Colomba.
Karen will be available in the studio from 4-6p
Aperitivo and Stuzichini at 4-6pm Dinner at the guest house

Notes to Karen
There are facilities in or close to where you are painting everywhere except for Pianeletto.
Market Day in Bardi they can use the bars.
P/C Stands for Pietraceervara.
There is a 10% discount for anyone wishing to return.
There are no other hidden extras.


28 Marzo 2022