“Watercolour and beyond capturing a sense of place”
Sept. 8-14, 2018


Watercolour and beyond: capturing a sense of place.
Taught by Seana Mercedes Mallen

Every morning we will explore, sketch and paint the inspiring villages, markets, and landscapes around Bardi.

In the afternoons, we’ll work in the cool and comfortable studio developing the we’ve gathered in watercolor, ink, collage, and mixed media. (Or take a nap!)
We’ll have one full day in the studio at beautiful Casa Bezzia for a special Watercolour collage workshop, or just to relax.

We will not be trying to slavishly copy “reality”or photographs, but will use a number of techniques to step slightly into abstraction, to see colour, line, shape and space, to open your artist’s eye and release your creativity in brilliant colour and brushstroke.

Artists can either develop all of their work in their sketchbooks, or use their mornings sketches to create paintings in watercolor, mixed media and collage.
By the end of the week, you will have either a brilliant full sketchbook or 4 or 5 finished paintings, learned several new experimental approaches to your work, and taken your painting to the next level!
Suitable for all abilities , though some drawing experience would be helpful.

Here are a few of my sketchbook pages from last year visiting the delightful Sylvia!


27 Luglio 2018