Casa Bezzia Painting Holidays

Casa Bezzia

…translated means “Bezzia’s house”

What does “Bezzia” mean?

A Bee in our local dialect is “bezzia”.
Sylvia choose this name for her studio for two reasons:
The first because it was Giovanni her great great grandfather’s nickname.
He was the man who built the original stable arounf 1894.
She right side of envelope.
The second reason is because bees are industrious.
The studio “Casa Bezzia” will continue to be a place of creative industry.

Buon divertimento!

Casa Bezzia
Painting Holidays
by Sylvia Bell
Loc. Pietracervara 97
43032 Bardi (PR) – Italy

Email: info@casabezzia.com
Tel. +39 0525 71370

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