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Casa Bezzia Italian Painting Holidays 2018 courses

Karen Pearson – course of Sept. 2018

“Parmesan & Paint!”
Taught by Karen Pearson
15 – 22 Sept. 2018



“I have just returned from a week at Casa Bezzia on a painting holiday.
It has been a wonderful week. Sylvia our hostess has given us a truly authentic Bardi experience. I found myself waking up each morning excited for the day ahead, everyday was different.

We were a great group and got on so well, I have not laughed as much for while!

I feel I have grown in confidence with my drawing, my use of colour and I have freed up…..a work in progress!
It was my first painting holiday and I went on my own, I did not know what to expect. It exceeded my expectations, I had a wonderful time, thank you Sylvia and Karen, and my fellow painting friends. That was a special week!”

2018 Course of Casa Bezzia Painting Holidays

Seana Mercedes Mallen – course of Aug. and Sept. 2018

Watercolour and beyond capturing a sense of place.
Taught by Seana Mercedes Mallen
31 Aug. – 6 Sept. & 8 – 14 Sept. 2018



“We’ve just left Bardi, on our way to Bologna after an amazing, fun, productive, creative and gluttonous week at Casa Bezzia.
I am SO proud of my artists, Lena W Dajani, and Peter And Jean Howard. They made some really beautiful work and put up with my nagging…
And were also tremendous fun!
A HUGE Grazie Mille to them, and to wonderful Sylvia Bell for making it such an enjoyable and memorable week that flew past.


2018 Casa Bezzia Course Painting Holidays

Frances Jordan – course of May 2018

Eat, paint, love…Emilia Romagna
Taught by Frances Jordan

21 – 28 May 2018



“The ladies that came with me this year have said they would like to come out again, it’s the most beautiful place they have ever been too and they really enjoyed painting with me.”
by Frances